SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets

Strategic objectives 2018-2020

The Swiss Federal Council is responsible for defining the strategic objectives for SIFEM, which serve as guidelines for investment activities. 

The Federal Council anticipates in the strategic objectives 2018-2020 that SIFEM

  • continues to be an important instrument for fostering private sector development in developing and emerging countries, complementary to other measures of the economic development assistance;
  • promotes sustainable and inclusive growth in developing and emerging countries as well as their integration into the global economic system;
  • focuses on the creation and maintenance of more and better jobs as well on the improvement of working conditions and skills, recognizing that more and better jobs are the main driver of poverty reduction as well as social inclusion in developing and emerging countries and that they offer an alternative to irregular migration. 
  • promotes the development of sustainable business in developing and emerging countries, based on internationally recognized environmental, social, and governance standards;
  • contributes to strengthening resilience of these countries, inter alia against climate change;
  • Strives to meet the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and professionalism, resulting in a strong reputation and recognition in the general public.